Developing a Web-Based Decision Support System for Forecasting Pollen Bursts

As a component of a larger NASA-funded project on the Integration of Airborne Dust Prediction Systems and Vegetation Phenology to Track Pollen for Asthma Alerts in Public Health Decision Support Systems, EDAC is developing a web-based decision support system for forecasting Juniperus ashei, Juniperus monosperma, Juniperus scopulorum, and Juniperus pinchotii pollen concentration data. Designed to meet the requirements of New Mexico’s Environmental Public Health Tracking System (NM EPHTS), the system includes state-of-the-art statistical analysis tools, geospatial visualization tools, data discovery, extraction, and delivery tools, and environmental/public health linkage information. Earth science data obtained from Earth observatories are ingested into the Pollen Regional Atmospheric Model (PREAM) by team members at the University of Arizona. EDAC receives output files from the model which then are run through a post-processing routine to develop products that are made available to NM EPHTS via web mapping and web coverage services.