EDAC’s Information Technology (IT) program supports both internal and external IT requirements. Our IT team supports ongoing application development efforts through the configuration and development of the combined Commercial Off-the-shelf (COTS) and Open Source system solutions. These include:

  • Open Source mapping servers based upon Apache, MapServer, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, MongoDB
  • COTS mapping servers based upon ArcGIS Server
  • Online mapping applications written in Python, and the Pyramid web application framework
  • Web portal applications based on Drupal, Django, and WordPress
  • Static and dynamic web applications hosted both on Apache and Microsoft IIS
  • Open Geospatial Consortium WMS, WFS, and WCS services based upon an in-house developed data management platform
  • Robust data search tools based upon Lucene and ElasticSearch technologies
  • Ongoing maintenance and support for internal and external servers, including over 100TB of online storage, clustered database servers, and application server virtualization through a VMWare ESX hardware cluster
  • Management and use of 260 TB of shared enterprise storage system to which EDAC has access through its membership in UNM’s Research Storage Consortium
  • Ongoing, monitoring, management, and configuration of EDAC’s services, hardware platforms, server environment, and IT security infrastructure
  • Maintenance of data backup systems through ongoing monitoring and management of backup processes with our dual tape libraries and free-standing backup hardware solutions

Overall, our IT team supports all aspects of EDAC’s operations, including maintenance of foundation infrastructure, assistance in application development, and support services to clients through web application hosting and network infrastructure development.

For more information about our IT Program and Services, please contact Su Zhang.