NICOA Interactive Atlas of Indian Elder Health

A Dot Density map of American Indian and Alasak Native Elders from the 1990 CensusEDAC in cooperation with the National Indian Council on Aging, and sponsored by the Indian Health Services (IHS) through the Indian Elder Care initiative developed an interactive Atlas of Indian Elder Health. The interactive atlas provided query capability to IHS databases and displayed the results as maps at national, regional, or local levels.  Health data were overlaid with environmental, socioeconomic, and geopolitical data from the US Bureau of Census, the Environmental Protection Agency and other public domain data sources.  While targeting Indian elders, the interactive mapping application contained IHS de-identified data for patients of all ages, making it a valuable national healthcare resource for Indian country.  The Atlas highlighted the needs and conditions of this special population while providing tools and methods to better understand elders and elder needs.