EDAC Web Hosting Services

In conjunction with our application development work, we also provide ongoing hosting of the applications that we develop for particular projects. The specific hosting model will vary from project to project, but the following services are available as part of any hosting package:

  • Daily incremental and weekly full backups to tape of your site and its contents.
  • Hosting of your site on a server that is connected to two separate power conditioning and battery backup systems to allow for smooth shutdown in the event of an extended power outage.
  • Internet connectivity is provided through a 1GB hardware firewall (jointly administered by UNM ITS and EDAC IT staff) to UNM’s 10GB backbone and through any of UNM’s three classes of Internet connection (standard Internet, Internet 2 [Abeline], and National Lambda Rail).
  • Location of the hosting server(s) in a dedicated server room that is continuously locked, alarmed, cooled with a dedicated AC system, and continuously monitored for temperature exceedances.
  • Available services on all servers are continuously monitored for their operational status, with automated alerts being sent to EDAC’s IT team if there is a failure, or threshold condition exceedance.

Specific hosting solutions are typically customized to meet the requirements of particular applications. The general capabilities that have previously been deployed and hosted on EDAC’s servers include:

  • Single server web mapping applications that use a combination of Apache, MapServer, PostGIS, and custom Python and PHP code, running on a Linux server platform.
  • Single server web applications hosted on a Windows Server 2003 platform, also using Apache, MapServer, MySQL, and custom Python code.
  • Multi-server, load-balanced web applications that are designed specifically for high availability and high performance under load.
  • Specialized web portal applications based on Zope and Plone.

While these solutions are just examples of the numerous application development and hosting solutions that EDAC has developed over the past several years, they illustrate the breadth of options available for hosting services provided by EDAC.