Clandestine Meth Labs in New Mexico

The US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) began requesting the locations of meth labs and meth dump sites in the early 2000’s from local law enforcement. Local law enforcement agencies were provided with a financial incentive in exchange for information pertaining to these sites. Updates to the locations were greatly reduced in about 2010 which coincides with the end of DEA funding for the project 1. In addition, starting in around 2010, most methamphetamine in the western United States started coming from Mexico where the base chemicals are cheaper and easier to come by and it is easier to hide large labs 2,3. Due to this reason, the list in New Mexico is unlikely to grow quickly, despite what you see on TV.
The DEA maintains a list of sites here. The New Mexico Environment Department also maintains a list of sites here. These lists contain street addresses which we geocoded to assign each address a latitude and longitude. Click on any point to see the street address, city, and county.
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Information depicted in this map was obtained from DEA Clandestine Labs, New Mexico Environment Department (08/2015)
*Please note that this is public data provided for information only. Data is provided voluntarily from local law enforcement so may be incomplete. In addition, no data on level of contamination or clean up status is available. You should always verify this information with local law enforcement or local health departments.